New volunteer ID badge proceedures



Beginning on October 1, 2014 the process for obtaining school volunteer ID badges will change.  Due to our vendor increased costs and national and county search criteria each Volunteer ID badge will now cost $18.  The background check may take up to five days before you actually get your ID badge via US postal service.  It is important to plan for this time as there will be no exceptions to this waiting period.   For the well-being and protection of our students which is our number one priority, any volunteer who may be left alone with a student in the Hilliard City Schools is required to have a volunteer background check.   A volunteer ID badge will be valid for five years.

Choose to Lead taking care of our school

Our school motto is to take care of others, take care of ourselves, and take care of this place. Students in the Choose to Lead organization made up of 4th and 5th grade students are helping to take care of their school and give back by cleaning up the front garden beds. They also planted mums to add to the beauty of the of our school.


Working hard

Working hard

That ground is REALLY hard!!!


Digging up the weeds


Having fun!


Getting our hands dirty

Our finished product

Our finished product

New Website for Parents to Help with Elementary Math

mathIn response to a November 2013 parent survey asking parents what type of information and help was needed with regards to elementary math, Hilliard City Schools has created a parent website.  Parents asked questions about the curriculum being taught and why it was “different” from when they learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  This website is meant to give parents some background on why different methods are taught at each grade level.  It will also show video examples of ways parents can work with students at home to help alleviate homework stress. more