Literacy Partnership with Parents

hilliardreadsWelcome to Growing Readers!  Hilliard City Schools knows that working together to nurture a love of reading will help your child develop into a confident reader. Our team of reading coaches and teachers have put together a web page with ideas and activities that will help to create a bond, and stimulate conversation outside of the school day with parents and students. You can check the web page each month for new topics and activities to do at home. It’s our hope that through this yearlong partnership with parents we will empower our students to be better readers. Visit the Site Now

3rd Grade News

Our SS standards say that 3rd graders have to be able to explain how individuals make the community a better place by solving problems that promote the common good; and an ongoing standard is the understanding and examples of positive and negative incentives that affect people’s choices and behaviors.
There’s a lesson that coincides with the standard in our SS books with a car full of positive bumper stickers, so we had the kids brainstorm bumper stickers that send the message of making our community a better place. We will continue the ongoing principles by doing our community service projects such as Warm-up Winter (collecting gloves, hats, scarves, and mittens), sending holiday cards to the nursing home, Ronald McDonald House pop tab collection, Operation Christmas Child, and the donation of our mini-mall money to a local charity.


Welcome Soldier…Surprise Mom!!!



Army Specialist Ben Harris wanted to give his mom a special surprise. Recently home from Afghanistan, he drove more than 20 hours from his base in Texas to surprise his mom at Scioto Darby Elementary. During a school assembly to learn about compassion, he came from behind the stage for a huge hug. Some of our friends in the media were able to document the special event. You can click on the links below to watch.


ABC 6/FOX 28