Annual WALK-A-THON!!!



Today we kicked off our annual Fall fundraiser, the Walkathon!  The kids are really excited.  This year if we hit a school goal of $8500 then every single student in the school gets a Tee shirt for walk day.  We are hoping each child can bring in at least $30 in donations to help us reach our goal.  There are lots of other prizes you can learn about in the flyers and collection information that comes home in the book bags today.  Any little bit that your student can collect will help us reach our school goal and earn money for us to improve our playground.  Thanks for participating ahead of time and let us know if you have any questions. 



1st grade News…

This week first grade brought in ME BAGS. Each student filled his/her ME BAG with three things that tell something about themselves. We shared one thing as a whole group and then students got to share their ME BAGS with a partner. We learned fun things about each other!

1st grade1

Sharing and listening to others!

1st grade 3

Our class!


Look at this!

Look at this!


New volunteer ID badge proceedures



Beginning on October 1, 2014 the process for obtaining school volunteer ID badges will change.  Due to our vendor increased costs and national and county search criteria each Volunteer ID badge will now cost $18.  The background check may take up to five days before you actually get your ID badge via US postal service.  It is important to plan for this time as there will be no exceptions to this waiting period.   For the well-being and protection of our students which is our number one priority, any volunteer who may be left alone with a student in the Hilliard City Schools is required to have a volunteer background check.   A volunteer ID badge will be valid for five years.